Webinar Series

To address the need for community engagement and education during COVID-19 we’re partnering with industry leaders from across the state to bring timely, useful, and inspirational webinars to the creative film and media community. 

Business owners and professionals representing all roles within the industry – such as screenwriters, documentarians, producers, casting directors, and actors – run ninety-minute live-streaming panels that are free and accessible to the public. Virtual attendees can ask questions during the live sessions and benefit from the expertise of our panelists. 

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  • November 13 @ 12pm: “Pivoting with Accessibility in Mind”

As cultural organizations pivot their programming to new formats in the wake of COVID-19, many are coming to understand that accessibility means more than parking spots and ADA-compliant spaces. COVID-19 has posed new challenges and offered new opportunities for presenting accessible cultural programming. In this webinar, we’ll hear from 3 presenters about how they are working to ensure that the programming they develop is inclusive and accessible.


  • Lisa Rigsby Peterson, Lone Tree Arts Center
  • Nicole Cromartie, Director of Education and Programs, Clyfford Still Museum
  •   Emily vonSwearingen, Lead Project Artist


Watch Past Webinars

  •  “Reopening Denver Cultural Organizations: Safety & Visitation During COVID-19” (5/27/2020)
    • Join Denver Museum of Nature & Science as they share survey results from over 5,000 community members on their perceptions, intentions and attitudes on safety and visitation during COVID 19. Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Zoo will also share planning and strategies in keeping patrons and staff safe as doors re-open.
    • Watch here (coming soon!)
  • “PPP Follow-Up & Loan Forgiveness” (5/20/2020)
    • In Colorado alone, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) approved 41,635 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans worth more than $7.39 billion in the first round of funding and another 46,157 PPP loans worth more than $3 billion in the second round. Now what? Nonprofit organizations and small businesses who received PPP loans need to start preparing to report on how that money was spent and apply for loan forgiveness. Panelists will share the latest guidance from the SBA to help borrowers ensure maximum loan forgiveness and prepare for that paperwork and process.
    • Watch here
  • “Using Technology Platforms for Content Delivery” (5/18/2020)
    • Everybody is doing the virtual “pivot” these days, but it isn’t without challenges. Talk with local leaders from the Arvada Center, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, the College of Arts & Media of CU Denver, and Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and learn best practices for using live-streaming social platforms, Zoom, pre-recorded segments and more to deliver high-quality content to your audiences without missing a beat.
    • Watch here
  • “Behind the Scenes of Public Television” (5/7/2020)
    • Join Dominic Dezzutti (PBS 12), Julie Speer Jackson (Rocky Mountain PBS), and Mickela Mallozzi (“Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi,” PBS) for an inside look at the public television landscape. What do independent producers need to do to have their product seen? How does distribution work in the public media space? Can my concept get “picked up” through public television? How has daily production changed in the past two months?
    • Watch here
  • “Dissolving and Merging Cultural Organizations” with the SCFD (5/1/1010)
    • As the economic effects of COVID-19 wear on, some organizations are wondering whether they might be able to better serve their mission by joining forces with other like-minded organizations. Others are wondering if a future is even possible. This webinar will explore various approaches to merging or dissolving organizations, and delves into the difficult considerations that some of our state’s cultural organizations are now having to make. In August 2019, the Firehouse Art Center and Art Walk Longmont merged their organizations with the help of Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA). Discover what considerations went into this decision, the process of combining two arts organizations and hear from the creative professionals and lawyers who qualify this merger as a success.
    • Watch here
  • “Surviving COVID-19” with the SCFD (4/29/2020)
    • Colorado’s stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders have created challenges for organizations traditionally convening the community to celebrate arts and culture. Panelists will discuss the challenges their organizations have faced, preserving assets and capital and fundraising during these unusual times. Additionally, each will discuss decisions to pivot whether moving content online, placing their programming on hiatus or determining other avenues to connect with Colorado’s arts community.
    • Watch here
  •  “Creating the Documentary” with Mitch Dickman and Carol Fleisher (4/22/2020)
    • Budgeting, developing, scheduling, post-production, distribution – all while working in the “real world?” Creating a documentary is no small task! Get tips from the experts, Carol Fleisher (Rocky Mountain PBS) and Mitch Dickman (“Rolling Papers,” “Casting Jon Benet”) on how to see your documentary production through, from developing your idea to digging through post-production, to promoting the finished product.
    • Watch here
  • “Pitching and Marketing Your Idea” with Jim Berger and Jim Janicek (4/16/2020)
    • There are a billion great concepts for film and television out there – what makes yours stand out? Learn how to grab your audience’s attention with a killer pitch, and how to make sure your idea gets seen through effective marketing campaigns. Tune in to discuss with Jim Janicek, President and CCO of Janicek Media and Jim Berger, Chairman and Co-Founder of High Noon Entertainment.
    • Watch here
  • “Exploring the Casting-Acting Lifecycle” with Sylvia Gregory, Cassie Keefe, and Sheila Traister (4/14/2020)
    • Hear the perspectives of a casting director, actor/acting coach and agent on how actors can stay current, protect themselves, and make the best use of their time to feel confident and be successful at auditions.
    • Watch here
  • “Demystifying Unemployment for 1099 and Gig Workers” with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (4/10/2020)
    • I’m a single owner of an LLC – should I apply for the Paycheck Protection Program, unemployment benefits, or both? I haven’t been eligible for unemployment in the past, but I think I might be now – how does that work? Get your questions answered about who should apply for unemployment, how to do it, when to expect funds, and more during this webinar with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
    • Watch here
  • “Introduction to Motion Capture” with Deck Nine Games (4/9/2020)
    • Have you ever wondered how your favorite video games come to life? Join the Deck Nine crew to learn about the technology and process behind using motion capture, from casting live actors to producing final cinematics. Gaming is one of the fastest-advancing mediums out there, so tune in, learn the basics, and stay up to date!
    • Watch here
  • “COVID-19 Financial Support for Gig Workers & Small Businesses: How to Get Your Money” with Joey Jenkins from the Colorado Small Business Development Center, and Jim Janicek of Janicek Media (4/7/2020)
    • I’m a freelancer and need fast funds – what do I do? I’m in the gig economy and keep hearing about all of these new relief programs – which ones should I apply for? What kinds of documents do I need to apply? Learn the answers to these questions and more from the Colorado Small Business Development Center and the Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media.
    • Watch here
  • “The Wild West of TV Writing and Producing” with Brian Bird and Sibyl Gardner (4/3/2020)
    • The era of shooting 24-episode seasons for network shows is over. In this new, ever-changing period of streaming and independent production, what’s a screenwriter to do? Answer: Be a great storyteller. Sibyl (ABC’s “Nashville,” “Saving Grace”) and Brian (“Touched by and Angel,” “When Calls the Heart”) bring their decades of expertise to this conversation to address the current state of the business, how to transition your writing career to the new landscape, and of course – the ancient magic of storytelling.
    • Watch here
  • “Remote Production & Workflow” with Janicek Entertainment (4/1/2020)
    • The current health situation has caused paradigm shifts throughout the film, television, and media landscape – but that doesn’t mean that your projects have to stop indefinitely! Learn how to pivot your productions and workflows using remote methods from Jim Janicek, Jared Picune, and Julie Dorough of Janicek Entertainment as they continue delivery of their weekly Xfinity Latino Entertainment program through and operation of the 24/7 linear broadcast channel during this crisis.
    • Watch here