Filming FAQS

What is the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media (Colorado Film Commission)?

The Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media (“COFTM”) is a state agency under the Office of Economic Development and International Trade which is a division of the Colorado Governor’s Office .  In addition to offering incentives, we work to connect filmmakers, animators, gamers and photographers from in-state and out-of-state to promote, retain and expand Colorado businesses and put local Coloradans to work in the industry. We help provide the resources filmmakers need to ensure a successful project, thus enhancing the economic vitality of Colorado.

How do I get hired on productions in Colorado?

The COFTM was developed to be of service to the state’s film industry both locally and nationally. As a state agency, we do not hire or get directly involved in the hiring of crew or any other position for productions. However, we do have many resources on our website and do our best to send all those with inquiries in the right direction.

What do I do if I can't find information on film permits?

Not all cities in Colorado have official film permits.  We recommend calling the city planning office or local police department to coordinate scheduling and ask if any additional permitting is needed (i.e. US Forest Service, Colorado State Parks, etc.)

How much should I get paid if a production uses my property as a filming location?/How much should I pay?

There is no standard location fee for any type of project.  An agreement should be negotiated between the property owner and the location manager.  Experienced location managers can be found on our crew guide or through other local production guides. Other helpful tips can be found on our resources page.

How do I become an extra? Where do I find out about casting calls?

The best way to become an extra is to contact talent agencies such as those listed on our online crew and services guide. Productions often list cast and crew calls under our casting calls blog, social media, Craigslist, and radio announcements.

How do I find out what productions are happening in Colorado?

Productions that are approved for an incentive through COFTM are announced under our In Production blog. Because of confidentiality and client relationships, we can not give out personal contact information for producers or directors on any projects.  You might also consider submitting your resume to a local line producer or unit production manager, as they are in charge of hiring local crew. If you are a film union or guild member, your organization may have additional information on upcoming productions.

Do I have to join a union before working on a production?

Colorado is a Modified Right-to-Work State, meaning you are not required to join a union.  However, the decision to hire union or non-union is up to the production.  For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.

Are you associated with any other film organizations in the state?

Though the we have relationships with several statewide organizations, there are no official partners of the COFTM.

Do I qualify as a Colorado resident?

To qualify as an in-state resident, or “local,” you must live in Colorado for at least 90 days prior to getting hired on a production.  Productions receiving incentive funds are required to verify your residency.

Do you offer any educational resources for those already working in the film industry?

We partner with local film festivals and film organizations to help organize various workshops, panels, and networking for experienced professionals.  Check out the event schedule for all upcoming opportunities and subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcements on upcoming events.

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