Student Tips and Info

Student films often work with little or no budget. This can be an obstacle when trying to establish a location. Usually there are fees involved for renting homes or public facilities for filming. When it comes to locations and sets for film projects BORROW and IMPROVISE. Try to utilize accessible facilities that you have free access to. Your own school or a neighbor's home can be your best option for a versatile filming location.

Think creatively but do not cut corners. When filming in public areas: parks, streets, sidewalks, etc. permission or permits are always needed. Filming in a public area without permission can result in a delay or halt of a production if caught. To understand more about permits please read Permits and Regulations. For more information about the distribution of permits at a local level research the Community Contact directory.

Connecting with fellow fiilm students allows you to establish a network for film crews and production resources. Luckily, Colorado has many film student organizations that provide networking opportunities. Sign up today and find out who is looking for help or get the missing advice/ help you need!