**Please call the Colorado Film Office before proceeding with the application materials, 303-892-3840.  Productions must be approved by a committee before beginning principle photography. Committee Schedule.

The Colorado Film Incentive program offers a 20% cash rebate for production costs taking place in the state.  The incentive program covers feature films, television pilots, television series (broadcast and cable), television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, video game design and creation, and other forms of content creation.  Bonded productions are eligible to have 100% of their projected rebate escrowed up front with the bond company.

An additional component of the program is a loan guarantee program with the State guaranteeing up to 20% of a production budget. This program is only available to film productions. A production may be eligible for both the performance-based incentive and the loan guarantee programs. 
Major components of the incentive program include: 
    • 20% cash rebate on qualified CO expenditures.
    • Negotiable loan program of up to 20% of film’s total budget.
    • Qualified local expenditures include ATL and BTL salaries so long as income taxes are paid in Colorado. Cap of $1 million on any one employee.
    • Full rebate can be escrowed upfront with the bond company to cash flow the production.
    • To be eligible a Colorado production company must have qualified local expenditures of at least $100,000. An out-of-state production company must have at least $1 million in qualified local expenditures (the exception being television commercials and video game productions, which must have qualified local expenditures of $250,000).
    • Requires a production company that has received conditional approval for an incentive to retain a certified public accountant licensed to practice in this state to conduct an audit of financial documents that detail the expenses incurred in the course of the film production activities in Colorado, and requires such certified public accountant to certify to the office that the requirements were met.
Colorado has limited funding for this program and projects will be selected based on the merits set forth in their application and not on a “first come first served” basis.
All program information, procedures, and applications can be found on the left hand tool bar. For additional information regarding the incentive program contact info@coloradofilm.org.