Filmed In Colorado

Take a walk in the footsteps of your favorite Hollywood stars without a screen test or audition! See and play where the stars did while they were in Colorado.  Go "on location" to where the stars made their big screen splash. After your tour, enjoy local restaurants and hotels who are celebrating the Hollywood history. Custom maps and special packages are available for some of Colorado's more illustrious films. See where Billy Crystal made "City Slickers", visit the site where Butch and Sundance made their big leap, and see where Mrs. Smith scaled Glenwood Canyon.  Take your own "Walk of Fame" with a "Filmed In Colorado" tour!

Fandango's Harry Medved believes that Colorado can be a hotspot for great vacations while visiting the locations where movies like "True Grit", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and "Indiana Jones and the Crusade" and other films were made.  Harry was recently on KWGN's morning show talking about "Colorado Movie Vacations" and talked about some great Colorado get-aways.

Fans looking for more detailed informaton about specific movies can also go to the Colorado Tourism website's "Filmed in Colorado" page.  You can also see where almost 30 of Colorado's films were made around the state by going to an interactive map on the Colorado Tourism website and clicking on the find places tab (at the top of the map).  Then follow the "See" tab to "Arts and Entertainment" link and then click on "Filmed in Colorado".