History Of Film

Colorado has been the location of choice for filmmakers for well over 110 years.  The earliest filmmaking in Colorado dates to 1897 when the "Festival of the Mountain & Plain" was filmed.   Many feature films followed immediatly thereafter.  Since then, hundreds of other filmmakers have come to Colorado to shoot such noteable films as "True Grit", "Cat Ballou", "How The West Was Won", "The Searchers", "Sleeper", "City Slickers" and "Thelma & Louise".  

Over the many years of filmmaking in Colorado almost every region of the state has been use as a location.  Colorado locations serve as a backdrop for well over 400 feature films and thousands of television esipodes and commercials.  Every day Colorado continues to build its film and production history with new projects being shot. 

As a result of all of the productions taking place around the state, the Colorado Legislature established the Colorado Film Commission.  When it opened its doors in July of 1969 it was the first legislated film commission in the world.  Since then over 400 recognized Film Commissions have opened globally.  

Our Colorado Filmography is a compellation of feature films, televison shows, shorts and other projects that have been shot in Colorado.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive database of every production filmed in Colorado, but rather a highlight of our rich history of notable films and productions.