Year 2007
Name The Bucket List
Production Company Storyline Entertainment, Two Ton Films, Zadan/Meron
Distributor    Warner Bros. Pictures
Type Of Production    Feature
Genre    Action, Comedy, Crime
Director    Rob Reiner
Screenwriter    Justin Zackman
Location    Arapahoe basin
Cast    Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Rob Morrow, Hugh B. Holub, Alfonso Freeman, Serena Reeder, Ian Anthony Dale, Beverly Todd, Lauren Cohn, Christopher Stapleton, Richard McGonagle, Jordan Lund, Nikki Novak, Verda Bridges, Jonathan Mangum, Rowena
Description    A blue-collar mechanic and a billionaire meet as roommates in a hospital where they are each diagnosed with terminal cancer. The pair embarks on an around-the-world trip to fulfill their life-long wish lists before each "kicks the bucket".