Year 2006
Name Juncture
Production Company Front Range Films
Distributor    Curb Entertainment
Type Of Production    Feature
Genre    Thriller
Director    James Seale
Screenwriter    Kevin Duncan, James Seale
Location    Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cast    Kristine Blackport, John Hutton, Elizabeth Rose, Jeff Nicholson, Diana Dresser and Bill LeVasseur
Description    Diagnosed with a terminal illness at 28, Anna Carter embarks on a personal quest - to hunt down various miscreants who have hurt children and exact vengeance for their crimes. Using her prestigious job as cover, Anna travels the country in search of criminals who have slipped through cracks in the justice system. But with the police closing in and death knocking at her door, will she complete her plan before time runs out? And will she be considered a hero or a sociopath? Juncture is the gripping story of an ordinary woman turned vigilante.