Digital Media/Video Games

Interactive Media has become part of our everyday life.  From mobile phones to casinos to Xbox/Playstation consoles and the Internet, we are constantly surrounded by entertaining video games that appeal to every age group and demographic. Traditional companies are even embracing this trend with 'advergames' that can extend a brand well beyond traditional media. Colorado employs 1400 people in the video game development sector creating a positive impact on the economy and our creative culture.

Video Games are the most popular entert
ainment medium in the world today and annual sales have surpassed movie industry Box Office ticket sales. A blockbuster movie can make $50-$60 million in sales on its first day whereas a game can top $300 Million on its first day of release. The top subscription based game World of Warcraft generates over $1 Billion in revenue each year. In Colorado the entertainment software industry added approximately $52 million to the state’s economy in 2009, according to a recent study released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).